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Financial Advisor Internet Marketing Program Overview


After financial advisors see our information, they really want to understand what our Internet marketing program is, how it works, and how our clients have been able to get to the top of the search engines and generate a lot more leads and sales.


We want to help you understand our approach and how we generate these amazing results!


One of the most common questions that I receive from financial advisors is: “I see that you have been able to help other financial advisory businesses and professionals increase their sales & grow their businesses by getting their Internet marketing right…but what exactly do you do?”


Below, I have included a video illustrating our proven system, explaining what we actually do (step-by-step) to help our clients attain these great results. Take a look:



We can help you get your Internet marketing right, but we only work with ONE financial advisor in each market. So, call us at 713-857-8403  before your competitor does, or click here to request a free consultation.


This is the approach that our team takes to ensure your Internet marketing helps grow your business to new heights:


1. We Take Over Your Existing Website


It all starts with us taking over your existing website. You might be an advisor that has provided services to clients for 20 to 30 years and never set up a website. Or, you  may have already invested thousands of dollars in building one out.  In either case, we are going to take over where you started.


If you have a site for your firm, we are going to leverage your existing site and take it to the next level (see Step 2).


If you don’t have a website, we are going to put together something great for you!


2. Lead Capture and Lead Tracking


We track, measure, and monitor all of your leads on a monthly basis. We do this using Google Analytics and call tracking software, tracking every phone call your financial advisory firm receives from the Internet and mobile devices.


You can think of lead capture and lead tracking like your profit and loss statement. Every month we let you know how many phone calls (and contact forms) have been received, what the cost of each phone call was, and what the conversion rate. Conversion rate is simply the number of phone calls / number of site visits. This can be tracked easily and always improved upon, a practice commonly known as conversion optimization.


3. Content Creation and Link Building


Steps 1 and 2 above are ONLY 25% of the battle. The other 75% of the battle is getting high quality and relevant inbound links (votes of approval from other websites) to the home page and to the sub-pages on your website.


Once your website has been optimized, the only thing that will help your site rise in the search engines and overcome your competitors is quality and relevant inbound links (links from other sites pointing to your website). We implement a proactive strategy to obtain inbound links. As part of our link building strategy we:


  • Create and distribute quality content (articles, blog posts, video, etc.) on your behalf across different content and social platforms
  • Do competitive link acquisition, which is the strategy of mirroring any link building efforts your competitors have done. We proactively research the top 10 competing financial advisory services firms in your market and determine who (which companies/websites) are linking to them and how many links they have. Next, we reverse engineer your competition’s Internet marketing strategy and outperform them.
  • Blog commenting (posting insightful comments and feedback on industry relevant blogs).


LINK BUILDING is the single-most important activity in search engine optimization and search engine rankings.


Next, we focus on citation development. We proactively claim your local directory listings on Google MyBusiness, Yahoo, Bing, CitySearch, Angie’s List, Brown Book, Hot Frog, Best of the Web and about 100 other very important local online directories. We will be building out your listings (uploading photos, videos, special offers, etc.) and optimizing them for top placement.


Showing up on Google Local results with a Google Map is the #1 ROI activity for your Internet marketing strategy. It is not easy. By adding you to all of these different directories, we are going to improve your exposure and you might even get some free calls out of it. More importantly, we are going to build your citations and credibility which is going to improve the probability of getting your firm listed and ranking well on Google Maps results.


4. Build Out The Necessary Pages On Your Website


The typical financial advisor website has between 5 and 6 pages: Home, About Us, Our Services, Contact Us, and maybe even a Client Testimonials page. This is not enough to help you rise above your local competition in the rankings, as potential customers type in many different keywords that are relative to what you do.


We are different in our approach with this important step. We have learned that each page on your website can be optimized using two to three keywords. We have also found that there are literally hundreds of different keyword combinations in each geographic area that a potential client might use if they are looking for your advisory services.


So, what we do is build out a page for each of your services. You don’t just offer financial advisory services; you offer estate planning, retirement planning, investment management, business succession planning, tax planning, among other services. We make sure these keywords and pages are on your website.


Also, we optimize your website for the suburbs and small towns in your geographic area, typically between 10-15 locations for most markets. We build pages that combine geographic terms with the terms in the previous paragraph to make sure that your firm has placements for these different combinations in the search results.


5. Publish Content Regularly


We consistently put out valuable information on how to select a financial advisor, along with other relative content like “what are the best investment options for teachers” or “what are strategies to beat inflation with your investments”. By publishing content on your website specific to your business and  geography, you are building your Internet presence credibility.


6. Social Media Marketing


We create, build, and maintain social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and literally thousands of other social media profiles that all link back to your website. As content is created and published (Step 4), it is shared across the Internet and linked back to your firm’s website.


Most of the advisors I talk with are familiar with social media but do NOT know how Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ can help grow their book of clients.


If you appropriately leverage social media, then you can take your referral stream of business to a new level, as the average Facebook user has a 135 friends and/or fans. If we can get your satisfied clients to like and refer you on Facebook, now you have exposed your name and brand to 135 of their friends, typically within the same geographic area where you provide services to clients. It is almost like they called those other friends in your area and said “Hey, I know this really good financial advisor in our community.When you ready to prepare for your financial future,  they are the team to call.”


7. Check-in & Review Request System


The key to getting the most from your online marketing & social media efforts is to have an automated marketing follow-up system in place. We will be equipping you with a system to collect contact information from your clients (name, email address & mobile number) and then systematically follow-up with them for maximum effect. After their first few consulting sessions with your team, you will be able to send an already prepared email to the customer, requesting a testimonial that can be easily posted on one of the popular online review sites or on your site.


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We can help get you TOP placement on Google for a majority of the financial advisor related keywords in your area, but we only work with ONE company in each city, so call us at 713-857-8403 before your competitor does or click here to request a free consultation.