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Financial Advisor Paid Advertising Strategy

Exploring Online Paid Marketing Opportunities for Financial Advisors



Online paid marketing opportunities for financial advisors include:

  • Pay Per Click Marketing
    • Google AdWords, Bing Search / Yahoo
  • Paid online directory listings
    • Angies List,,, etc
  • Paid Lead Services
    • Financial Engines, Senior Leads


Why Most Pay-Per-Click Campaigns Fail

Most PPC campaigns fail or don’t reach their full potential for the following reasons:

  • Use of only ONE ad group for all services (retirement planning, business exit planning, estate planning, etc.)
  • No specific text ads and landing pages for groups of keywords
  • No strong call to action or OFFER on the landing page


Understanding How AdWords Works

These are some key things to remember about Google AdWords:

  • Highest Bid Does Not = Top Ranking
  • Google MUST serve the most relevant results
  • Quality Score Drives your Positioning & Cost Per Click


How does Google Determine Quality Score?

Quality Score is a factor used by Google that can influence both your ad rank and cost per click (CPC) . To determine the order in which ads are listed, each ad has the following formula run against it: bid  * Quality Score.


The following factors are considered in the quality score:

  • Clickthrough Rate
  • Relevance
  • Quality of Landing Page


What is an Ad Group?

An ad group consists of the follwing elements:

  • Ad Copy
  • Group of Keywords
  • Specific Landing Page


Which Ad Groups should you use?

These are some common ad groups that are effective for financial advisors:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Business Exit Planning
  • Charitable Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Asset Protection
  • Etc, Etc, Etc


Simple Ad Group Template

When you are creating ad groups, make sure you review and pay proper attention to each of these areas:


Keywords – List of keywords pertaining to ad group. These keywords are what people are searching for on Google and will trigger you ad to display.


Text Ad – Should match the keyword, address the need of your potential client & offer an incentive for visiting your website.


Landing Page – Should be matched to a specific page on your site that speaks to a specific need, i.e.<your city>-tax-planning


Landing Page Content – Should reflect the text used in your ad and reiterate the searchers’ need. Here’s an example: Are you in need of tax planning services in the Atlanta area?  Contact the experts at XYZ Financial Advisory Services for immediate & comprehensive service at 554-555-5533. Then, restate your value proposition, experience, link to reviews, video or text testimonials, etc. Also, don’t forget to include an offer, like “Sign up today for a free 30 minute consultation”


To see a real life example of an ad group, including keywords, ad text, and landing page content, read below:


Ad Group: Tax Planning


  • tax planning services atlanta
  • financial and tax planning services
  • strategic financial and tax planning services

Landing Page –

Text Ad – Strategic Tax Planning. Free 30 minute consultations. Call today!

Landing Page Content – Are you in need of tax planning services in the Atlanta area?  Contact the experts at XYZ Financial Advisory Services for immediate & comprehensive service at 554-555-5533. We provide comprehensive tax planning services and have been doing so for the past 15 years. We work clients from a variety of backgrounds and tax planning needs. Sign up today for a free 30 minute consultation!


Expert Paid Advertising Tips

To wrap up this article, please keep the following in mind when building out your online paid advertising campaigns:

  • Focus on keywords with buying intent
  • Use dedicated landing pages
  • Use call tracking numbers
  • Use ad extensions (phone number, map, offer, etc)
  • Test with different ad formats & platforms