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2018 Digital Marketing Trends for Financial Advisors: How You Can Stand Out

Written by: Leonard Parker | Uncategorized | 03rd January

A sales team while you sleep?     Sounds too good to be true right?   With persistence and a sound strategy, this is exactly what a strong digital presence can do for your financial advisory firm.   But, I’m sure you’ [...]

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smart financial advisors use workflows and processes

Smart Financial Advisors Use Workflows and Processes … Why Don’t You?

Written by: Leonard Parker | financial advisor business growth | 08th November

Would you like an easy button for your firm? If you are willing to put in time and effort upfront, it is possible. Sure, that sounds cliché. But , don't underestimate the benefits of workflows and processes for your financial advisory firm. You [...]

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buyer personas for financial advisors

Financial Advisors: Don’t Have Buyer Personas? Be Prepared to Lose with Your Online Marketing

Written by: Leonard Parker | financial advisor marketing | 12th July

“A buyer persona enables you create marketing content that is for someone and not everyone.”   Does your firm have buyer personas for your ideal clients? An intro on this topics from Hubspot:   More importantly, do your marke [...]

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financial advisors can create great content michael kitces investment news

How Financial Advisors Can Create Great Content

Written by: Leonard Parker | Uncategorized | 02nd July

Why Great Content Matters for Financial Advisors For financial advisors, great content demonstrates expertise and increases website traffic. What you write on your website and newsletters will either engage and attract your ideal prospective client [...]

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national vs local seo finanancial advisors michael kitces

National SEO vs. Local SEO: What Financial Advisors Should Know for Their Online Marketing Strategy

Written by: Leonard Parker | Uncategorized | 25th June

For financial advisors, SEO is the process of ranking on the illustrious first page of Google for search phrases that drive potential clients to their website. While many financial advisors find SEO to be a profitable client acquisition channel for [...]

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